Know Competitors’ Backend Search Term
We Can Extract Any ASIN Backend Search Terms

We, at AMZswift, can extract all the Amazon Search Terms of your competitors from the backend of their listing. Wouldn’t it be great to have all the Search Terms of any ASIN with 100% accuracy?

Features & Benefits Features

  • Save time in unsuccessful attempts trying to obtain all search terms during keyword research for all your launched products on Amazon
  • 100% accuracy guaranteed in obtaining “ Amazon Backend Search Terms” for any ASIN by our backend ssearch term extractor
  • Delivery time- only 12 hours
  • Services available in United Kingdom, United States, Japan, Germany, Italy, France and Spain


  • Improves the ranking of your product on Amazon
  • Gives an edge on your competitors
  • Increases revenue and ROI with boosted sales and a higher business turnover
  • Reduces costs of PPC.
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