1) Why do I need to know my competitors’ keywords? I have used sufficient keywords in Search Terms.

You have to specifically place keywords in the ‘Search Terms’ field in the Amazon seller account as well in your product listings in order for your product to be ranked by Amazon. Customers need to be able to find your product in order to buy it. This makes it a task for buyers, as the number of words that the buyer can use to search the required product is beyond imagination. Sellers have to think of all the possibilities to place keywords in the ‘Search Terms’ field to boost sales and gain higher ranking for their product. This can be a very tedious and time-consuming task. Why waste your precious time on creating something that has already been done by someone else? Use the keywords from the top sellers and make your mark in the race.

2) What makes AMZfoster better than other tools like ‘Keyword Inspector’ or ‘Sonar’?

‘Sonar’ and ‘Keyword Inspector’ are Keyword Research tools. The objective and method of a function are different from AMZfoster. These tools are used to merely suggest probable search keywords using reverse ASIN services. They do not obtain the exact backend search terms of the ASIN you require. This leaves you to be dependent on a ‘trial and error’ method with many options of keywords to choose from. This may lead to poor sales and low product ranking.

3) How are Backend Search Terms beneficial to me and my product?
  • Save time: No need to spend countless hours in keyword research
  • Save money: Simply follow the path of the top sellers and save the money spent on research every month
  • Increase sales: Sit back and enjoy the increase in your sales and the rise of your ranking.
4) Will I get credited if there are no Backend Search Terms for the ASIN in the case of “NO KEYWORD”?

You will get full credit if the ASIN does not contain even a single search term or keyword. But in the event of at least one search term extracted for the ASIN, no credit will be provided. Some sellers opt to leave the Backend Search Terms empty. In such a situation, you will get another one absolutely free!

5) Is there a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes. Purchase our trial $15 package to test the accuracy of our service. Use it on your own ASIN, and if we are unable to obtain the exact backend search term used by you, we will provide you a complete refund.

6) Will I get the API Access to enable Amazon Sellers to obtain Search Terms themselves from my website?

Yes. After you purchase our Supreme package, we will guide you through all the steps to obtain the API access.

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