Amazon Product Listing Optimization
1) What is Amazon Product Optimization?

Amazon Product Optimization means updating your listing with the most relevant keywords in Title, Bullet Points, Description and the Backend Search Terms so that the customer could find your product and is also convinced to buy your product after reading the fantastic sales copy which stands out against your competitors.


2) Why do I need to optimize my product listing?

If your product listing is not optimized, customers may never find your product and even if the customer finds the product he may not be convinced to purchase your product though it is fantastic in nature. Right marketing approach is the key to sales. Therefore, you need to optimize your Amazon listing:

  • To compete with top competitors
  • To get your product found for any relative searches by potential buyers
  • To convince potential customers that your product is the exact match to their requirements


3) How ‘Amazon Product Optimization’ is beneficial to me?
  • Product listing appears on top search pages
  • Increase in visitor traffic
  • Convincing title, bullet points and product description creates a positive impact on visitors and helps them in their buying decision
  • Visitor gets turned into potential buyer
  • Generates more sales and ultimately more revenue


4) Do you create Enhanced Brand Content listings?

Yes, please leave us a message with your requirements.


5) Which Amazon marketplaces do you support?

For Listing Optimization we support Amazon USA, UK, Canada and India.

How about, if you could know your top competitors’ backend search terms and use them for your own listings? Sounds crazy? But it is possible.

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