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Well, we bring you the answers to your problem! Listing your products on Amazon is only the first step; making their presence known to viewers is the next crucial step. Good product visibility is an important factor in deciding the ranking and sales of your product on online platforms. By following a few simple steps, you can ensure your product visibility on online platforms like Amazon.
  1. Make use of appropriate keywords and search-terms

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Search-terms are the set of specific keywords that might be used by potential buyers to search for the products they are looking for. Potential buyers mostly use the easy-to-search embedded set of keywords to find the required products on the Amazon platform. But the problem arises because most sellers are not completely aware of the power of systematic and frequently used Search Terms. The seller must fill in result oriented marketing keywords in order to improve chances of selling their products.

Amazon is mostly an ecommerce search engine. The search results are categorized by observing the product titles and descriptions most frequently used by users.

2. Know your competitors’ backend search terms

keyword funnelThis is a pictorial representation of the lengthy process a seller has to go through in order to generate a result-oriented keyword list. That is why it is always better to stay one step ahead in the competition by knowing your competitors’ keywords. This will give you the following advantages:

  1. Save time: No need to spend countless hours in keyword research
  2. Save money: Simply follow the path of the top sellers and save the money spent on research every month
  • Increase sales: Sit back and enjoy the increase in your sales and the rise of your ranking

We help you find out the exact product backend search terms used by your competitors. This enables you to use pre-tested and pre-applied search terms that are already proven to achieve results

3. Optimize your product description

A product with a proper description and important keywords in the title has a greater chance of appearing in search results. We can help you revamp and optimize your product description in order to boost the visibility of your product on platform like amazon. Using appropriate and relevant keywords in your product title and description makes it easier for users to find your product from among the various options available.

4. Enter into international Amazon markets

amazon networkBy entering into the international Amazon markets like UK, Germany, Canada, etc. at an earlier stage, you can greatly improve your chances of acquiring a loyal clientele. It is also beneficial that the competition in those countries is less as compared to the US. You get a very vast audience for your product with reduced competition and a very high visibility for your brand.

5. Repricing your product

pricing chartAmazon generally tends to list lower priced products on top. Repricing a product without majorly affecting the profits takes a lot of time and effort. Discounts, combo offers, etc. are examples of pricing options that you can use in order to lure customers into buying your product. But if done right, you can achieve higher visibility of your product due to the various deals and offers.

Offer discounts

Users are attracted towards products that offer discounts or purchase offers. The increase in the number of sales of your product will make up for the discounted rates. You can also get customers to revisit and buy more of your products by offering deals on the next purchase. In order to offer discounts on your product, you can:

  1. Publish discount codes directly on listing
  2. Create promo code that can be used in offsite marketing campaigns



  • Make use of promotions and advertisements on other platforms

Promotions and advertisements are excellent marketing strategies to create awareness about your product. This also helps to improve the visibility of your product. Placing an advertisement on a very popular website or app greatly increases the chances of users viewing your product. Listing your product with other related products also influences users to consider your product as a possible purchasing option.

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