How does Product Ranking Affect Sales?

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If you are a seller on Amazon, you know how difficult it is to increase the sales of your product especially considering the tough competition in the market. Without the necessary ranking and sufficient visibility, you stand the risk of incurring losses. What’s the best way to ensure your product sales remain unaffected in spite of increasing completion? The answer is simple- A good ranking will in turn increase your sales!


The ranking of your product plays a major role in deciding your sales. A top rank leads to more user traffic, more product sales and a solid reputation. The rankings are changed every hour. So your goal must be to ensure consistency in your ranking spread without too much fluctuation.

Your product ranking affects sales in the following manner:

  • Increases User Traffic

Products with a higher rank tend to attract more user traffic. The increase in the number of people viewing your product in turn increases the probability of them buying your product.

  • Increases Sales Rank

The Amazon sales rank- Best Sellers Rank and the general Amazon Ranking are inter-dependant. Higher your product BSR, higher will be your ranking and vice versa. This means that the sales of your product have a very direct relation to its ranking.

  • Improves Reputation and Assures Quality Product

Higher product ranking assures users of good quality which leads to an improvement in the reputation of your product and brand. This leads to higher sales of your product.

  • Builds Customer-Loyalty

When customers are assured of a good quality product along with great service, it inadvertently builds customer loyalty to your product as well as your brand. This ensures a loyal customer base and improves sales.


How can you improve your Product Ranking?

  • Use better keywords in product title     

Use of appropriate and relevant keywords increases the chances of your product being visible to potential buyers. This means that your product will appear on the first page of search results increasing the user traffic and leading to an increase in sales. We can help you to use the relevant keywords in your product titles.

  • Improve product description

A good description ensures that users easily understand the uses and applications of the product along with its specifications. We completely revamp and optimize product descriptions and help to improve sales.

  • Use bullet points and easy-to-understand terms

Optimizing the format of the specifications, description and other details of your product is important to improve its ranking. This helps to improve the appearance of your product and increases chances of sales.

  • Know your competitors’ search-terms

Think of the time and money that you can save on search-term research if you know the exact search terms used by the top competitors. We help you to get the exact search terms of your competitors and help your product be found by potential buyers.

  • Choose Appropriate Category and Sub-Category

You must ensure that you select the most relevant category and sub-category while setting up your product listing on Amazon. This will help Amazon to decide its relevance to a searched item and help your product to be listed in the results leading to a higher probability of sales.

  • Improve Order Processing Speed

A higher order processing speed is always a factor in improving the ranking of your product. This automatically influences sales.

  • Manage Customer Reviews and Queries

A good customer review boosts the ranking of your product. Regular and helpful replies to customer queries make a good impression on users influencing them to buy your product and improve your sales.

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